In a joint celebration of Labor Day, two of the electric cooperatives in Region VIII collaborated and strengthened its ties through a team building activity held at LEYECO III Compound, Tunga, Leyte.

“Today, there is no manager, no subordinate. All of us here are equal. We are all laborers. This day is intended for all of us,” Allan L. Laniba, General Manager of LEYECO III and Project Supervisor/Acting General Manager of DORELCO said.

The activity started with a zumba class followed by different ballgames participated by employees of DORELCO and LEYECO III. Indoor games like dart, chess and others were also held.

ORELCO and LEYECO III together as one family during the Labor Day Celebration
DORELCO and LEYECO III employees, together with GM Allan Laniba take a pose during the Labor Day Celebration.

“In my 28 years in DORELCO, this is the first time that I experienced such activity, wherein we as laborers were given the privilege to enjoy the Labor Day. I had so much fun participating in the games, watching my co-workers play and mingle with each other,” Engr. Evelina K. Openiano, DORELCO Deputy General Manager shared.

The teams had a sumptuous lunch by the riverside in Tunga, Leyte. There, everybody enjoyed the parlor games, which tested the friendship and team work of the two electric cooperatives as each team was a mix composed of LEYECO III and DORELCO employees.

“I hope that this kind of celebration will continue in the coming years. Let this be a yearly activity where all employees will savour the fun away from their routinary obligations at work,” GM Laniba said.

Another highlight of the day was the giving of appointments to newly promoted and new regular employees of both cooperatives.

ORELCO and LEYECO III together as one family during the Labor Day Celebration
GM Allan Laniba delivering his solidarity message in the Regional Labor Day Celebration held at Tacloban Convention Center.

Earlier that day, before joining the LEYECO III and DORELCO employees in their unique Labor Day Celebration, GM Allan L. delivered a solidarity message in behalf of the Management Sector in the Region VIII Labor Day Celebration, held at Tacloban Convention Center. During his speech, he proudly shared how these two electric cooperatives (DORELCO and LEYECO III) have successfully grown through the years. Growth and improvement were made possible because of the hard work of every employee, nurtured by his love and respect to them.

“I stand like a father to my employees. I respect them the way they respect me. Our labor is inspired by our intention to treat all workers fairly in the spirit of democracy, social justice, and empowerment. If this is enjoyed by everybody, then everything in the government, management, and labor sectors will fall into place,” he added.

DORELCO and LEYECO III together as one family during the Labor Day Celebration

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