Tolosa is town located at the eastern part of Leyte, it is also the ancestry of the Romualdezes and of former first lady Madame Imelda Romualdez-Marcos. One of its landmark is the OLOT Mansion with an image of Jesus Christ on the top of the hill.

Thus, the infrastructure development of Leyte and the Philippines as a whole was on its peek, rural electrification program of former president Ferdinand Marcos was initiated. Its main purpose was to light the entire Philippines with electricity most specially in the rural and remote areas. And with this program, Leyte I Electric Coop., Inc (LEYECO I) or DORELCO was created.

LEYECO I was the name before since it is the first electric cooperative built in the province in that period. Later it become Don Orestes Romualdez Electric Cooperative, Inc. or DORELCO for giving back the favor to the owner of land where the cooperative is located, the father of former first lady of the Philippines Madame Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, Don Orestes Romualdez.

DORELCO: Leyte First Electric Coop

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