Residential Power Rate for the month of June 2023

Decrease of Power Rate for the Month of June 2023
The DORELCO overall power rate continues to decrease for the month of May 2023 vs. June 2023.
Php 14.2069/ kwhr last May to Php 14.1862 this June 2023.
The 0.0207 per kilowatt-hour reduction is due to the decrease in Transmission charge.
DORELCO as the distribution utility remains NO INCREASE since year 2010.

Decrease of Power Rate for the month of April 2023

Generation Charge as the main contributor to the power rate decreased from Php 8.9320 to Php 8.2979 per kilowatt hour compared to March 2023, while the Transmission Charge posted an increase of Php 0.0494 and Other Charges of Php 0.0081 per kilowatt hour from last month.

DORELCO as the distribution utility remains NO INCREASE since year 2010.

In totality, a decrease in Residential Power Rate for APRIL 2023 displayed Php 14.8227/KWHr. compared to last month.

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DOE, ERC and DSWD signed the IRR of RA 11552

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) signed an IRR of Republic Act 11552 (R.A. 11552), otherwise known as “An Act Extending and Enhancing the Implementation of the Lifeline Rate, Amending for the Purpose Section 73 of Republic Act. No. 9136, or the “Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001.”
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Taripa han kuryente humamubo yana nga bulan han Marso 2023

Humamubo hin 0.6836 centavo kada kilowatthour an sukot han kuryente para yana nga bulan han Marso. Tikang Php 16.2431 kada kwhr. han una nga bulan, ada na la ha Php 15.5595 kada kwhr. an taripa han kuryente.
Sukot han GENERATION ngan TRANSMISSION an nakikita ha kawsa han paghamubo han taripa han kuryente. An Generation ngan Transmission charge asya an mayda dako nga parte han aton binabayaran nga power bill. Ngan nag iiba iba ini kada bulan, usahay na hataas usahay liwat na hamubo.
Samtang, nagpapabilin la gihapon an Php2.0750 nga sukot han DORELCO para han pag-distribute han kuryente ha aton panimalay. Ngan waray pa ini mag umento tikang pa han 2010.

DORELCO Lady Warriors attends Seminar on Basic Vehicle Troubleshooting

Some may simply consider women who do the cooking, laundry, taking care of children and making our home comfortable while driving is a masculine act. But ladies in DORELCO believe that driving is also a necessity for women. Thus, a seminar on Vehicle Troubleshooting for DORELCO lady employees was just concluded and spearheaded by the Motorpool Supervisor, Mr. Jose Trinity Gatela.

This is the first activity in line among the series of activities prepared in celebration of the National Women’s Month.

DORELCO Residential Power Rate for February 2023

Igin papasabot hiton DORELCO nga humitaas na liwat an taripa han kuryente yana nga bulan han FEBRUARY 2023 kumpara han bulan han JANUARY 2023.

Residential: 16.2431/ Kwhr. An rason han paghataas han taripa han kuryente para yana nga bulan amo an paghataas han sukot han Generation Charge ngan Transmission Charge. Ini nga mga sukot hiton Power Supplier ngan Transmission Company in gin kokolekta la ngahaw hiton DORELCO ngan gin reremit la liwat ngadto ha ira. Gin uutro namon, an paghitaas han taripa okun presyo han kuryente yana nga bulan in diri mahitungod han DORELCO kundi tungod han hataas nga sukot han Power Supplier/ Generation Company ngan Transmission Charge.

Samtang, nagpapabilin la gihapon nga P2.750 an sukot han DORELCO para han pag distribute han kuryente tikadto han aton panimalay. Ngan ini nga sukot han DORELCO in waray pa mag increase tikang pa han 2010. Damo nga Salamat.


DORELCO Supports BFP in celebrating Fire Prevention Month -March

Ang buwan ng Marso ay FIRE PREVENTION MONTH Buo po ang suporta ng DORELCO sa layunin ng Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) na paalalahanan at palawakin ang kaalaman ng bawat mamamayan sa pag-iwas laban sa sunog.

Dahil “Sa pag-iwas sa sunog, hindi ka nag-iisa” Ibayong pag-iingat po para sa lahat!

#Firepreventionmonth2023 #DORELCOCares

DORELCO Corporate Communication attends NEA-EC Communicators Seminar-Workshop

In the recently concluded NEA-EC Communicators Seminar-Workshop held in NEA Quezon City, two of DORELCO’s Corporate Communication (CorComm) Staff along with other Information Officers and Communicators of all Electric Cooperatives in the country participated the 3 days seminar-workshop, February 21-23.
Among the topics discussed were; Press Release Writing, Media Interaction Skills, Creative Video Production and Creative Writing, Revised EC Model Organizational Structure and Do’s and Dont’s in handling Social Media Page.
Resource Speakers were ABS-CBN Reporter Jeff Caparas, Twenty Manila President, Writer Producer, Director Emmanuel Angeles, Ms. Imelda America of NEA IDD and Ms. Ellen Fleur Bang-ay of NEA CCSMO.
“Information is power, Information can heal, information can solve a lot of problem. The way to dissiminate information is an integral part of an efficient management”, NEA Administrator, Antonio Mariano Almeda told the participants.
The seminar-workshop aims to strengthen and develop EC Communicators, the mouthpiece of the Cooperative, to better communicate plans and programs of the cooperatives to its Member Consumer Owners in any platforms.#