Celebrating the Power of Unity!

Celebrating the Power of Unity! ✨🌟
Look! How inspiring it is to witness NEA Administrator Antonio Mariano Almeda and GM Allan L. Laniba taking the lead in a nationwide 🌱 tree planting activity. While the 121 electric cooperatives across the country partake in their own tree planting activities, these two amazing individuals are making a difference in Basilan.
It’s truly remarkable to see these ECs coming together on this special day, August 24, 2023, to commemorate the National Electrification Awareness Month (NEAM) in various parts of the Philippines.
This annual event, which takes place in August, aims to raise nationwide awareness about the vital role of electricity, with a particular focus on our power lines and poles that ensure the delivery of this essential resource to our homes. Let’s celebrate the spirit of unity and highlight the significance of electricity in our lives!
Cheers to unity, kindness, and the electrifying spirit of NEAM! Let’s continue to illuminate lives and make a positive impact, one step at a time. ✨💡
Photos credit to GM ALL
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