DORELCO Corporate Communication attends NEA-EC Communicators Seminar-Workshop

In the recently concluded NEA-EC Communicators Seminar-Workshop held in NEA Quezon City, two of DORELCO’s Corporate Communication (CorComm) Staff along with other Information Officers and Communicators of all Electric Cooperatives in the country participated the 3 days seminar-workshop, February 21-23.
Among the topics discussed were; Press Release Writing, Media Interaction Skills, Creative Video Production and Creative Writing, Revised EC Model Organizational Structure and Do’s and Dont’s in handling Social Media Page.
Resource Speakers were ABS-CBN Reporter Jeff Caparas, Twenty Manila President, Writer Producer, Director Emmanuel Angeles, Ms. Imelda America of NEA IDD and Ms. Ellen Fleur Bang-ay of NEA CCSMO.
“Information is power, Information can heal, information can solve a lot of problem. The way to dissiminate information is an integral part of an efficient management”, NEA Administrator, Antonio Mariano Almeda told the participants.
The seminar-workshop aims to strengthen and develop EC Communicators, the mouthpiece of the Cooperative, to better communicate plans and programs of the cooperatives to its Member Consumer Owners in any platforms.#
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